03/15/2023, 14:48 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA


Colleges & Universities 4 SAFE4R

USPA NEWS - Why are colleges and universities looking to change Blue Light Security for the NEW SAFE4R technology. SAFE4R n...

11/07/2022, 17:51 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA

Do You Feel Safer Today Than You Did 10 Years Ago?

Violance, Rapes, Murder?

USPA NEWS - The latest statistics on Human Trafficking show it now generates $150 billion annually. The annual revenue of c...

10/24/2022, 15:54 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA

Safe4R Technology Creating Instant Saftey Alert For Women World Wide

Safe4r College Girls & Families

USPA NEWS - Safe4R technology is creating the world's largest community aware, vigilant, assertive and reactive witnesses a...

10/16/2022, 15:36 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA

Maryland Takes Advantage Of Hoosiers Timely Trunovers

Indiana Hoosiers Soul Search Continues

USPA NEWS - The last 4 Hoosier Saturday's have not been kind. Now 3-4 with 4 straight looses in a row. This is a Hoosier te...

10/09/2022, 17:53 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA

Indiana Hoosiers Host #4 Michigan Wolverines


USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosiers now into the heart of it's schedule hosted #4 ranked 5-0 Michigan Wolverines. In front of a so...

09/26/2022, 17:27 Time
Bruce E Spencer USPA

Indiana Hoosiers Prepare To Travel To Corn Huskers Country

Both Teams Coming Off First Loss

USPA NEWS - Both teams are coming off of their first loss this year. Nebraska lost to #6 ranked Oregon 49-14. The Corn Husk...

09/18/2022, 16:54 Time
Bruce E Spencer



USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosiers come away with #3! Again from behind, not without a struggle and not in regulation. Another wa...

09/12/2022, 00:36 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Indiana Hoosiers Down Pour Slow Start

Effects of a big win the week before

USPA NEWS - It wasn't Bazelak, it was the Hoosier "what-we-lack" the first half. Trying to run an effective hurry up offen...

09/06/2022, 16:35 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Brass Tracks Bands Solid Sound Will Blow You Away

Amamzing Tributes Great Horn Sounds

USPA NEWS - Brass Tracks Band brings a high energy 8 pice band. This group of amazing and talented musicians will entertain...

09/04/2022, 16:30 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Indiana Hoosier's Open With Big Win

New offensive appeared at the 2 minute

USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosier hosting the Fighting Illini! Illinois already coming in with 1 win under its belt from the week...

10/17/2021, 15:21 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Hooiser's Hold Down Nation's Leading Rusher

Red Zone Execution

USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosier's Play Outstanding Defense Against 6-0 Michigan State Spartan's. It was clear Red Zone, Executi...

09/19/2021, 23:59 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Indiana Hoosier's Battled #8 Cincinnati Bearcats.

Hoosier Defense Outstanding

USPA NEWS - Sold out the house of Indiana Hoosier vs Cincinnati Bearcats. Cincinnati Bearcats came in ranked number #8 in ...

09/13/2021, 14:19 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Indiana Hoosier Football

Back On Track

USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosier's 2021 home opener was a big success in many ways. After a bad start that continued to get wors...

04/28/2020, 17:11 Time
Bruce E. Spencer

What Are Exosomes?

Restore Rather Than Repair

USPA NEWS - What do they do? Where are they? Does everybody have them? In the following article we will do our best to answ...

11/03/2019, 22:18 Time
Bruce E Spencer

7 WIns For Indiana Hoosiers!

Bowl Apperance In Site

USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosiers fired up and looking for more! It's been over 26 years since the Hoosier won 8 games. However ...

11/03/2019, 20:40 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Purdue Boilermakers With Impressive Win

Purdue Over Comes

USPA NEWS - Inspite of being beaten up, Boilermakers still have a chance to win out and a snag a bowl game. Injuries have ...

09/29/2019, 13:59 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Boilermakers Take A Double Hit In BIG10 Opener

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

USPA NEWS - Everyone that is a Boilermaker fan had great expectation for BIG 10 opener against Minnesota Golden Gophers. Ha...

09/22/2019, 16:57 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Indiana Hoosiers Bring Major Attack

Hoosier Get Revitalized

USPA NEWS - It was a just what the "Hoosier's Doctor Ordered"! Take a BIG Victory and call me in the morning! This was just...

09/08/2019, 22:24 Time
Bruce E Spencer

Purdue makes home opener Moorerific

Rondale Moore #4 and Elijah Sindelar #2

USPA NEWS - #2 Sindelar QB makes big statement with impressive offensive day. Moore to come! A whole lot Moore for #4! ...

08/28/2019, 16:42 Time
Bruce E Spencer

APBA Promotes More Than Just Winning

Family Tradition Runs Deep

USPA NEWS - It does the heart good to see third generations involved in a great sport like boat racing! Grand dad, mom, dad...




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