Indiana Hoosiers Opener Shows Weak Spots

OSU Buckeyes Dominated

Hoosier's Open with Buckeys At Home! Fired Up (Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA)
QB #15 Brendan Sorsby
(Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA)
USPA NEWS - Indiana Hoosiers open against #3 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, IN. Indiana's young offense will get the BIG10 test right out of box. Ohio States Buckeyes return several mature defensive players starting 4 Seniors, 5 Juniors, and 2 Grad students. Hoosiers match up Offense with 7 seniors, 1 Junior, 3 Freshman. Both QB's are R-Freshman. The Buckeyes trying to get off to a winning start after what Buckeye fans called disappointment last year.
RB #19 Chip Trayanum
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
Indiana Hoosiers starting the 2023 season with 2 Red shirt Freshman at the QB spot on the depth chart. #2 Tayven Jackson is #1, while #15 Brendan Sorsby is listed #2 on the depth chart. The Hoosiers started the game with the ball on offense, but started #15 in the game. Sorsby stay in the game was short lived for two offensive series with negative yardage. Ohio States offense took over and moved the ball down the field after a punt with 12:50 in the 1st. The Buckeyes ran 11 plays on an 80 yard drive with RB #3 Miyan Williams scored on short run to put the Buckeyes up 6-0. Hoosiers took possession with 7:10 on the clock. The series was a short attempt to get something going but ending up punting at the 5:24 mark. Hoosiers continued to take strong defensive stand while make big defensive plays a crucial times. The Buckeyes struggled to move the ball and with 10:18 in the 2nd Qtr, the Hoosiers started to move the ball on the Buckeyes. Hoosiers effort ends with a 42 yd. Field Goal. The first half ended 7-3 Buckeyes. The Buckeyes seem to struggle at times to find the momentum to be consistent on the offensive side of the ball. OSU's QB #6 Kyle McCord went 20/33 and 239 yds. Had no TD's and 1 INT. The rushing game was controlled by RB # 19 Chip Trayanum with 61yds on 8 carries, and RB #32 TreVeyon Henderson went 51yds on 12 carries. #3 Miyan Williams had honors with 2 TD's on 7 carriers for 25yds. The Hoosiers only allowed the Buckeyes in the end zone 2 times the entire game. Buckeyes work the field kicker # 38 Jayden Fielding with a 40yd, two 22yd FG's. The Hoosiers defense held strongas the Buckeyes had trouble executing the offense. The Hoosier punter James Evans #94, punted 6 times for 325 yds with an outstanding average of 54yds per punt.Evans punting help to keep the Buckeyes deep in their own territory. The Buckeyes came away with the win 23-3. The Hoosiers showing a lot of promise on the defensive side of the ball. Hoosier RB #28 Christian Turner, had 7 touches for 29 yds., Helping with the running game, RB #12 Jaylin Lucas, ie. Mr. Quick. The ground game was own by OSU, 154yds vs. 89 yds for Hoosiers. total offensive numbers OSU 380 yds vs. 153yds. Punting yards were 6-325yds Hoosiers vs OSU 4-183yds. Next week the Hoosiers have an inter state battle at home against Indiana State @ 7:00pm, while the Buckeyes are at home against Youngstown State.
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
Source: Bruce E Spencer USAP
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
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