Ohio Wesleyan Battling Bishops Hold Off Wittenberg Tigers

OWU wins conference opener

Wiitenberg tires header but denied
(Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA)
USPA NEWS - Ohio Wesleyan University Battling Bishops 6-2-1 on the season, start into the meat of their schedule. Coach Martin stated it wasn't a pretty win, but sure beats a loss.
OWU Bishops Freshman #23 James O'Connor
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
Ohio Wesleyan University Battling Bishops & 2020-2021 National Champions started into their North Coast Athletic Conference play. Bishops hosted Wittenberg University Tigers who are 5-2-2. The Tigers are 2-0-1 @ Home and 2-2-1 Away. The first score came late in the 1st half when a shot made by a team effort rolled past Tiger goalie Freshman #1Peter Adams, of Columbus, OH /Hillard Darby HS. The Tigers held off the Bishops the remainder of the first half, 1-0. It didn't take long into the second at the 38 minute mark when Bishops #17 Franklin Rodriguez scored from great team ball movement and a reversed backside pass to cutting to the #17 and the score. At the 9:09 mark the Tigers found #3 Kees Ciric for a score and now 2-1. The Bishops held off Tigers the remainder game. Play from Battling Bishops Sophomore #29 Mitch Cosler working the middle of the field lead to several momentum breaking defensive plays to several assist to fellow teammates in keeping the ball in play on their side of the filed. The Battling Bishops will face Kenyon 7-3 on Oct 4th on the road. While the Tigers gear up for a Homecoming play hosting tough opponent Wooster, 3-4-3.
Jr. #17 Franklin Rodriguez
So. #6 Gabe O'Riley Goes for the Header Shot!
Source: Bruce E Spencer USAP
So. #10 Chris Guerra makes quick move
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
So. #29 Mitch Cosler heads off offense
So. #29 Mitch Cosler defends OWU lead.
Source: Bruce E Spencer USAP
So. #12 Mathias (Chewy) Koo makes great play!
Source: Bruce E Spencer USPA
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